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Freedom - A Shared Dream; a Monument to Shared Humanitarian Values and Multicultural Coexistence to be Gifted to the City of Los Angeles

Today, we have a historic opportunity to join together and create a permanent iconic monument to the universal humanitarian values of individual freedom and multicultural coexistence -- the ideals of Cyrus the Great, King of the Persian Empire from 2,500 years ago, which traversed space and time to inspire the Founding Fathers of America who put those same values in the core of the U.S. Constitution.

Farhang Foundation has commissioned, raised enough money to start fabrication, and secured city authorization to build Freedom - a Shared Dream, a permanent monument to humanity, which will be officially gifted to the City of Los Angeles.

Once built, this iconic symbol will stand in the heart of the city, near the entrance of Beverly Hills in one of the busiest, most prestigious locations in the world, as a permanent reminder to all of the universally shared cultural values of individual freedom and multicultural coexistence that originated in Iran and are foundational to America.

Our goal is to have over 100,000 people participate to help create Freedom - A Shared Dream, so it can be just the second time since the Statue of Liberty that so many people got together to make a symbolic gift to freedom as a core American value that is shared by all humanity.

To that end, every supporter of to Freedom - a Shared Dream will be permanently memorialized on the project’s Online Supporters' Wall, and their name will live forever as part of this iconic monument’s eternal legacy.

This monumental gift has been a dream 3 years in the making, now is the time for you to join in and help make it real! [See Project Milestones | Learn about Freedom's Designer]

Please help spread the word and lend your support at any level that feels right!